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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Telling stories with your DSLR equipment

I like cinema because I think that it is the best way to tell stories. Like I said before in this blog, the story is the most important.

I like DSLR cinema because :

  • You can tell a new kind of stories, DSLR brings its own cinema style, between the documentary and the fiction...
  • Both DSLR and Film bring the beautiful shallow depth of field
  • The equipment is more affordable and you can keep a good quality if you know how to use it
  • Working with actors is different because the camera is less impressive and the film stocks are not limited
  • The post-production workflow is more flexible (no original camera negative, just an external hard drive and a non-linear editing software)
  • On the technical side, making a film with these little cameras sounds like taking pictures with some protocoles... Am I right Shane?

If you want to tell story with a low cost equipement, a Mid-Range DSLR package seems to be the solution. Today, more than ever, you have a great choice of DSLR camera bodies, lenses, tripods, support gears… Don't hesitate to walk through different options available on internet to make your own opinion and get a feel for what digital SLR camera package will suit you the best. Choice is good, but can be overwhelming. There are a lot of videos on internet about DSLR equipments : Low Cost, Mid-Range, and High-End... Here is one good example of DSLR equipment but you can find many other videos like this one on youtube. It's difficult to understand what is the best choice. Make your own selection.

Choose the one that will correspond to your needs. But, be careful to the price. This is not always a guarantee of quality. I mean that sometimes the price is not justified. Let's take an exemple. Most of the DSLR steadicam are expensive, but this one is 10 times less expensive and it gives you a perfect result. Of course, this is not exactly the same quality but it doesn't matter when the shooting result is perfect.

Internet is an infinite resource, you can also find hand made DSLR equipments... Have fun with your equipment!

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