Digital innovations and Filmmaking -

Friday, March 18, 2011

First of all, Filmmaking is a serious business!

There are several online film schools where you can learn filmmaking through articles, tutorial videos, and interactive forums. As an engineer, I know since a long time that I can learn everything on internet, especially for the technical stuff.

At school, teachers learnt me how to work. It was probably the most important. Internet learnt me everything else... I exaggerate, but internet is an infinite knowledge resource, and today it's impossible to work without internet.

Let's come back to filmmaking... The next generation of digital cinematography using the large sensors and manual features available in still DSLR cameras has lowered the barrier further towards creating inexpensive digital video that compares closely to 35mm film (DSLR Filmmaking Comes Into Focus). The consequence is that you can find a lot of good (and bad) free tutorials on internet. Make the selection yourself. Podcasts or tutorials could give you enough of the basics. For sure, you can learn all the technical stuff.

However, two things are not really available on internet. The first one is talent. I can't say more about that, because it's impossible to learn talent on internet. Go and see Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton, ask them how they do, and if they are able to answer, you will probably have your answer. The second one is how the filmmaking business works. Is filmmaking mostly an artistic or a technical domain? Neither of them!

Acording to Dov Simens, filmmaking is a serious business. Sometimes, I disagree with Dov's point of view, but I agree that it's become more business than art. Unfortunately, it isn't a bisounours world... You have to know how to make money if you want to make a film, except if you are a billionaire. Finally, I have to say that the Dov Simens film school was really an interesting 2 days formation. I'm not always ready to go along with his wild ideas, but Dov was funny and amazing.

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