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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wayna Pitch - Production / Distribution / Innovation

Jonathan Musset is CEO at Wayna Pitch, a french production and distribution company of feature length fiction films, born in 2011 out of a love for cinema, creativity and digital innovation.

For a long time, Jonathan has been an IT engineer and CTO, but since 2011, he is a Director and Distributor of fictional feature films. On December 2013, he released Midnight Globe, his first feature as a Director. He has worked for 6 years on the production of two feature and on the theatrical distribution of seven, including Chu & Blossom, Mandorla, Inertia, Tapis Rouge and Mate-me por favor. He takes part every year in the Cannes Producer’s Network to set up international co-productions and to find an executive producer for Good-bye Romeo, his second feature film as a director.

Wayna Pitch acquires for France, only feature films that are creative, innovative and unique. Wayna Pitch's lineup is mostly composed of films aimed at 15-25 year-olds with puzzling and strong universes.


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MATE-ME POR FAVOR  (March 15th, 2017)
a feature film by Anita Rocha Da Silveira

INERTIA  (February 1st, 2017)
a feature film by Idan Haguel

TAPIS ROUGE  (May 10th, 2017)
a feature film by F. Baillif & K. Gahigiri

MANDORLA  (September 7th, 2016)
a feature film by Roberto Miller

CHU & BLOSSOM  (October 28th, 2015)
a feature film by C. Chu & G. Kelly

MIDNIGHT GLOBE  (December 4th, 2013)
a feature film by Jonathan Musset

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