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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Demo Reel 2011 - One year of blogging

I'm really glad to celebrate my first year of blogging about filmmaking… Well, one year of happiness!

My schedule is really heavy in the beginning of this year, because of the pre-production of my first feature film, but I took the time to make a demo reel.

What has this year of blogging given to me? Why did I need it? Apart from the obvious - an unexpected number of visitors, more than a ten thousand different eyes - the answer is quite simple… It has allowed me to grow, given me valuable knowledge of the filmmaking industry. I tried to share what I've learned, most of the time on Twitter, and sometimes on this blog when I had enough time to do something interesting.

Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Tumblr, LinkedIn have allowed me to meet many filmmakers from all over the world and see their work and talk to them about it, often virtually, sometimes physically, within Nantes (FR) and abroad… As another example, Jamendo is a nice network for filmmakers because it helps us to make contacts with great music authors.

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I could take many examples to show how social networks are important in the new independent filmmaking world, not only one network, but all of them... I met several of the actors of my new feature film on Facebook. I met many other french filmmakers on Vimeo and Twitter. On Google+, I met the screenwriter who actually helps me on the screenplay of my new feature film. Finally, most of the producer I know have a LinkedIn page. I keep in touch with my computing network on Viadeo, and I created an IMDb page when we submitted the short film Russian Sandglass to the Stepping Stone Film Festival, but this page exists just for fun ;-) I don't really like social networks, but our world is changing and, therefore, we have to evolve with it...