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Friday, May 31, 2013

Midnight GLOBE and Equitable Cinema

I'm really glad to announce that we have now completed the post-production of Midnight GLOBE, the new french psychological thriller mainly in english, with french and english speaking actors.

Synopsis. In a world where english has long since become the universal language... Nattie is finally old enough to learn how to master the Voyage, a new communication technique used in a popular game of deception known as Wiphala. After beginning her training under the penetrating eye of the mysterious Master Dallé, Nattie soon realises that she is being watched and that a web of lies and deceit surround her. The only way out : jouer au Wiphala!

Founded in 2011, Wayna Pitch brings a different approach to the independent market with a new vision of equitable cinema that aims to give another dimension to our stories. Wayna Pitch wishes to make ambitious feature films, in full transparency and in respecting the viewer by revealing that the films were produced with limited resources. To associate viewers with the equitable cinema position, Wayna Pitch has committed to reimburse 50% of its profits mainly to associations connected with the subject matter of this film, but equally to initiatives that support this position. This agreement is above all ethical, but it supports the simple fact that Wayna Pitch is a company that wants to continue to innovate within the audio-visual field (more details on

Cet accord est avant tout moral mais il tient par le simple fait que Wayna Pitch est une société qui veut innover et perdurer dans le paysage audiovisuel français.

La démarche vise également à promouvoir et récompenser des artistes qui distribuent gratuitement leurs oeuvres sur internet. Wayna Pitch souhaite notamment mettre en lumière le mérite de certains compositeurs qui rendent possible la réutilisation et la diffusion de leurs travaux dans un contexte professionnel, en des termes plus techniques, ceux qui publient leurs oeuvres sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution BY.

Let's end with the trailer...

More information on and facebook...

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