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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Participate in the funding of Globe... Receive exclusive rewards!

Here we go!!! I just launched my first fundraising campaign on Ulule...

Globe is a 2 hours feature film project. It is a mixture of realistic science fiction and psychological thriller, on a background of game and travel. The story takes place mostly at night in Nantes.

I wrote the screenplay and Bart Hulley wrote the english dialogues. Wayna Pitch is the executive production company. The shooting has been scheduled between march 27 and april 28, and most of the cast and crew is ready to go!

What is Ulule? Ulule enables you to discover original projects and products. A new way to help, share or participate in bringing original ideas to life. You can participate in the funding of many types of projects and receive exclusive rewards...

The pre-production poster by the so-talented Krystel.

An english girl who can read minds revisits her childhood doctor in Nantes to reclaim something that he took from her. 

Faro defeats an old man in a clandestine contest of "Wiphala", a game involving a form of teleportation known simply as "le voyage". He is then challenged by Marius who suspects Faro of cheating. Sometime later Nattie, a girl who can read minds, and her brother visit a special clinic in France to meet her childhood doctor and to reclaim a small globe that he took from her when she was little. Reunited with her globe Nattie rediscovers her ability to "voyage" but, despite help from others at the clinic, her fear of the dark remains; a mysterious couple with a connection to Faro, Marius and an unsolved murder are watching her every move.

If you would like to help us make this movie, follow this link: Jonathan’s Crowdfunding Ulule Campaign.

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