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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tomboy : Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 7D?

A few weeks ago, I talked about the feature film Tomboy, directed by Céline Sciamma, and I said that the film had been mostly shot with a 5D. When the film was released, several articles talked about the 5D, and several others talked about the 7D. So, after my message, I decided to ask the production company to get the real information. They answered that the feature film was mostly shot with the 7D.

The film is projected in the french theatres since april 21, 2011. So, I can say that to the best of my knowledge, this film is the first french production that gets such a succes with this camera.

The 7D is probably the less expensive "professional" digital camera that allows you to put the film on the theatre screen. For me, it was mostly shot with the 5D because at first glance the picture quality was as good as the 5D one. Like I said in my previous message in french, I think that Tomboy is a success for its story and for the way Céline has put the kids in front of these little digital cameras. On the technical side, I also think that Tomboy is a succes for the Canon 7D. Again, kudos to the team of the film...


  1. The less expensive is the 550D, then the 600D...

    Not the 7D...

    Same CMOS than the 7D (APS-C).

    So same image quality !

    More professionnal settings for Canon 550D (than 7 D) with Magic Lantern Firmware...

    "Professional" is so subjective !

    Some jobs made with Canon 550D :

    For Magic Lanter Vimeo group, go here :

    Best wishes !


  2. Hi Jonathan. I first wanted to thank you for mentioning an article of my blog here ( I've added your website in my RSS feed ;)
    Thanks for sharing this article, we've been sharing it with CanonFrance over Twitter !

    And to answer Jaimie : of course, 550D may be better than the 7D with a special modified firmware that is Magic Lantern. Does it also exist for the 7D ? Another thing : I disagree when you say the 550D has the same sensor as the 7D therefor the quality is the same. Absolutely not. The algorithms behind, the physical processes (as for ISO etc.) are not quite the same.



  3. Hi Jaimie, thanks a lot for your message. It's intersting for the followers. I agree for the price but it's quite difficult to get the same image quality with the 550D, when you shot at night or if you want a shallow depth of field for example (I agree with Woody, I think that the chipset is different). In my opinion, it depends of what you want to do with your camera, and for me the 550D is not really the good choice to get the best look for a cinema project, but it is the best choice for many kind of projects, for instance to make a documentary... Do you agree with that?

    Woody, thanks for the Twit, and thanks a lot for your message ;-)

  4. Hi
    Is there a Magic Lantern firmware for the 7D?

  5. To the best of my knowledge, not yet.

    Here is a short answer you can find on the Magic Lantern wiki : Not yet. Work was being done on producing a Magic Lantern image for the 7D Currently we can generate signed firmware images and have dumped the 7D's ROM for analysis, but there appears to be significantly more protection on the 7D bodies that has locked out firmware updates on the camera.

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