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Friday, February 18, 2011

My blog about filmmaking and DSLR cinema

This is my blog about filmmaking... I'm Jonathan... I have been working on computing for 10 years. My work in computing has primarily been in the field of software modernization, open source, model driven development, and software automation. I'm actually involved in the eclipse open source community, here is my blog on this subject... In parallel with this activity, I decided to open this blog about filmmaking, to share my experiences in this domain...

Filmmaking is a childhood hobby. I was involved in several filmmaking projects when I was a student... There are very few filmmaking schools in France and I didn't find the solution to pass the schools doors... I decided to become a computer scientist but I'm still interested in this hobby. I have tried to keep in touch with people of this domain and I have followed very carefully the digital cinema evolution in the last 10 years...

Why do I decide to open this blog now? Because we are living a very exciting moment with, for instance, the DSLR revolution. DSLR opens the door for an exciting digital future. France is not really aware of independant filmmaking with the DSLR techniques... In my opinion, digital revolution is in march, the internet is changing everything, the "open source" way of thinking is also making the revolution possible... So, on this blog, I will talk about all that stuff, independent filmmaking, DSLR cinema, new amazing DSLR techniques, film production processes, directing, cinematography... and how the openness and the innovation of free software spirit can also improve all that stuff...

I am in the process of starting a new project on internet around independent filmmaking... It's not for today, but I will try to explain that here, days after days, month after month... Sometimes in french, sometimes in english... What I do?... What I would like to do? That’s all folks!!!


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